These resources will help you through the various Nursing and Allied Health courses and programs offered at WCC as well as certification preparation, news, and industry information.

TEAS preparation

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is used as part of the admissions process by Nursing and Allied Health schools across the nation including WCC.

All prices subject to change by ATI. Individuals may contact Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI)or call toll free at 1-800-667-7531 for more information on review materials. Please check ATI web site for online resources and prices. Purchase Version Six study guide directly from ATI or at WCC bookstore. 

The Learning Commons in cooperation with the Nursing Department has developed a TEAS® Prep Site. The site contains online resources, study information, and videos for each content area on the TEAS® exam. The site is free to access. The direct link to this resource is:


Nursing math and drug dosage tests

The following webpages were developed by WCC instructor, Roger Palay. The problems will reload each time the page is revisited or refreshed.

Nursing apps for students

  • Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN Apps (Android, iOS) —The Davis Company collection of NCLEX apps are a great resource for nursing student preparing for their certification exam.
  • Heart Pro III (iOS) — Beautiful 3-D images of all aspects of the heart. It also contains the heart rhythms to listen for in a patient.
  • Human Anatomy Atlas (Android, iOS) — More than 3,800 3-D images of the human anatomy and structure.
  • Med Mnemonics (Android, iOS) — Suggestions for mnemonics to help memorize terminology learned in nursing school.
  • Mini Nurse (Android) — Definitions and practice questions for topics and courses covered in nursing school. These topics range from medical terminology to understanding heart and lung sounds.
  • Nursing Central (Android, iOS) — One-stop-shop for nurses and nursing students. It contains over 17 million journal articles, 4,600 Drugs, and 56,000 dictionary terms.
  • Symptomia (iOS) — Easy-to-use app allows the user to put in symptoms and then outputs possible diseases associated with those symptoms.

Nursing tools (General)

  • Medication Guide (Android, iOS) —Allows you to lookup drug information, identify pills, and check interactions of medications.
  • MediBabble Translator (iOS) — Translator tool for nurses working with non-English speakers. It helps to improve patient care by improving communication and accessibility.
  • ShiftPlanning (Android, iOS) — Similar to Nurses Aid, this app has a collection of tools to help nurses manage tasks and keep track of their busy schedules.
  • Skyscape Medical Resources (Android, iOS) — One-stop-shop for nurses. It has tools and features covering essentially every aspect of a nurses job.  Some of those features include prescription drug information, medical calculators, and even medical news.

Nursing websites

  • WCC's Bailey Library Nursing — Research and course guides
  • Discover Nursing — Information about the nursing profession, from scholarships and specialties to career opportunities and more.
  • Learning Nurse —Geared towards informal nurse learning, continuing education, and professional development.  The resources are appropriate for all levels of nurses and nursing students and include, but are not limited to, a library, quizzes, games, and self-assessment tools.

Research databases, news articles, and journals

The following databases are meant to be used for academic purposes in educational programs only.

  • Health & Wellness Resource Center — Newspaper and magazine articles, and reference book information on topics related to Health & Wellness. In addition, you will find links to websites on these topics.
  • Health Reference Center — Newspaper and magazine articles related to all aspects of health and medicine.
  • Nursing Resource Center — Database for many topics relevant to nursing such as care plans, disease and drug overviews, animated anatomy and physiology diagrams, and journal articles.

Pubmed Central — Full-text archive of biomedical and life science journals at the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine.