2019-2020 Early Childhood Education (AAECED)

Associate in Arts Degree


The program prepares students to transfer into an early childhood education program at a four-year college or university. The first two years of instruction in a bachelor's degree program in an early childhood education major is covered. The program includes the general education courses that prepare students for the state-mandated basic skills tests for teachers in the State of Michigan. Requirements vary by college, so students should obtain the current curriculum for the college to which they are transferring.


Eastern Michigan University, BS degree

Copies can be obtained from the Counseling Office, a program advisor, or from the Curriculum and Assessment Office Web site: Articulation Agreements.

Admissions Requirements

Academic Math Level of 3 is required to enroll in required math course. If remedial math course is needed, it is suggested student take during the first semester.

Continuing Eligibility

GPA of 2.0 or higher

Contact Information

Adv Tech/Public Serv Careers
Public Services Careers Dept
Julie N. (Niki) Lee
Beth A. Marshall


(Items marked with an icon online icon are available online.)
First Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
CCP 101   Child Development 3
COM 101   Fundamentals of Speaking 3
ENG 111   Composition I 4
GEO 101   World Regional Geography 3
HST 201   United States History to 1877 3
Total 16
Second Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
CCP 220   Development and Care of Infants and Toddlers 3
ENG 226   Composition II 3
ENG 240   Children's Literature 3
    Elective(s) to reach a minimum 60 credits * 4
MTH 125 or Everyday College Math  
MTH 176 or College Algebra  
    Any Math Level 4 or higher course 3
Total 16
Third Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
CCP 200   Working with Families in a Diverse Society 3
ENG 242   Multicultural Literature for Youth 3
GLG 202   Earth Science for Elementary Teachers 4
HSC 131   CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid 1
PSY 220   Human Development and Learning 4
Total 15
Fourth Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
CCP 204   The Developing Professional in Early Childhood Education ** 2
CCP 205   Practicum for the Developing ECE Professional *** 1
CCP 251   Education of the Young Child with Exceptionalities 3
HST 200   Michigan History 3
PHY 100   Physics for Elementary Teachers 4
Total 13
Total Credits Required


*Additional suggested general education electives: COM 102, COM 225, MTH 148, MTH 149 or PLS 112
Additional suggested CCP electives: CCP 211, CCP 209, or CCP 113.

Students must request course substitution(s) from program or division advisor.
**CCP 122 and CCP 123 may be substituted for CCP 204.
***CCP 132 and CCP 133 may be substituted for CCP 205.