Application Process

WCC shooting range photo

The application process involves several steps. This process takes at least four weeks to complete.

  1. Review this entire web site. Unless you read everything on the site, you run the risk of missing an important step or information. The site should answer most of your questions.
  2. Review the Employment Standards for Michigan Law Enforcement Officers on the MCOLES website. These are the official state standards that every applicant must meet to be admitted to any academy in the state. If you clearly cannot meet the standards to be a police officer, it’s probably a waste of your time and money to apply to the academy.
  3. Successfully take and pass both MCOLES pre-employment tests. Remember, results of the MCOLES reading and writing test do not expire but the physical fitness test results are good for only 180 days. Recruits must have a valid, unexpired physical fitness test score on the first day of the academy.
  4. Contact the director or the WCC police academy for a pre-screening review and discuss an initial appointment.
  5. Meet with the director. At this meeting, you will pick up the forms and documents needed to process your application.
  6. Complete the forms and return all documents, fees, test results and information to the director.
  7. Attend a final admission meeting with the director to complete the process.

Application Forms

Below you will find forms that you can print, complete and return to the director as part of your application process.

MCOLES-Waiver & Authorization for release

Personal History Statement and Affidavit

Medical History Statement

Physicians statement of applicants medical condition

LIVESCAN directions