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This certificate program is mandatory for anyone seeking law enforcement licensing in the State of Michigan. The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) and the WCC Police Academy Advisory Committee have created the course content. You will learn the relevant law necessary to function effectively in the field, as well as effective communication techniques. You will practice necessary skills such as self defense, pursuit driving and firearm use and safety. Graduates of the WCC police academy will have the basic qualifications required by the state to be hired by a Michigan police department or sheriff's department.

This is a high demand, high skill and high wage program as defined by the Michigan Community College Network.

"We want local talent to work in the Sheriff's Office," Jerry Clayton

Admission Requirements

Students must have a minimum of 45 college credits prior to admission to the Police Academy.

Students are admitted to the program based on the priorities established by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES). Prospective students should review the "Selection and Employment Standards for Michigan Law Enforcement Officers" on the MCOLES website: mi.gov/mcoles. MCOLES pre-enrollment is a corequisite of this course.

In order to qualify for entry, applicants must:

Applicants must also:

Ongoing Requirements

The police academy is structured as an adult learning experience, and will require significant self-discipline on the part of the student. Teamwork is required. Just as sworn law enforcement officers operate under a code of honor which requires them to be above reproach in ethics and behavior, students will also be held to this same standard. The WCC Student Handbook, the MCOLES Policy and Procedure Manual, and the WCC Police Academy Daily Rules and Regulations will govern student conduct.