2018-2019 Powertrain Development Technician (APPDT)

Powertrain Development Technician (APPDT)

Associate in Applied Science Degree


In this program, students will develop the knowledge and skills to perform in-car powertrain testing in unique testing environments. Jobs in this area require knowledge of automotive engine and electrical systems and experience with an automotive dynamometer. Students will learn about dynamometer setup and testing including the operation of complex analytical test equipment and test software.

Contact Information

Adv Tech/Public Serv Careers
Automotive Services Department
Allen Day
Julie N. (Niki) Lee


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First Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
ASV 131   Automotive Electrical 4
ASV 132   Automotive Engines 4
MTT 102   Machining for the Technologies 2
WAF 105   Introduction to Welding Processes 2
Elective(s)   Writing/Composition 3
Total 15
Second Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
ASV 256   Electrical and Electronic Systems 4
MEC 120   3D-Printing: Machine, Process and Innovation 4
WAF 106   Welding Print Reading 3
Elective(s)   Natural Sciences 3
Total 14
Third Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
ASV 277   Automotive Powertrain Systems 4
ASV 279   Automotive Dynamometer and Test 4
WAF 200   Layout Theory Welding 3
Elective(s)   Math 3
    Elective(s) to reach a minimum 60 credits 1
Total 15
Fourth Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
ASV 135   Facility Operations 3
MST 220   Dynamometer Operations 4
Elective(s)   Arts and Humanities 3
Elective(s)   Social and Behavioral Science 3
Elective(s)   Writing/Composition or Communication 3
Total 16
Total Credits Required


*Students may elect to take optional courses in Semester 5 to meet MTA. Please refer to the WCC MTA Transfer Agreement web page www.wccnet.edu/learn/transfer-wcc-credits/mta.php for more information.