Media Collection Development Guidelines


The purpose of the Media collection is to support the instruction and research needs of Washtenaw Community College faculty and students. In addition, the collection supports present and future teaching needs in all fields of study offered at WCC. Emphasis is placed on faculty requests in support of the curriculum.


The media librarian solicits recommendations from faculty. Faculty can request a preview copy of any media format when available. The media librarian will help facilitate any preview copy orders or rentals for one-time use with the assistance of Technical Services. Approval to order is the responsibility of the media librarian.

It is not the practice of the Library to reimburse faculty who have ordered and paid for media material without first consulting with the media librarian. (All orders must stem from the media librarian).

Formats Collected:

The Media collection includes videocassettes in the VHS format; DVDs; audiocassettes; audio compact disc; and CD-ROMS. Although the Library did purchase at one time 16mm films, laser videodiscs, slides and records, the Library will no longer purchase these formats. Exceptions will be made for titles that are only available in the above formats. The Library will continue to purchase VHS, DVD, audiocassettes, audio compact discs, and CD-ROMS.

The media collection covers all subject classifications in support of all academic programs at the college. However, it is not possible or is it desirable to evenly divide the collection among the subject areas.

Description of Materials Collected:

Audiocassette Collection - The media collection includes audiocassettes. The Library will continue to purchase audiocassettes upon the recommendation of the faculty and the media librarian, only when an Audio CD is not available.

Audio CD - The media collection includes audio CDs. The Library will continue to purchase audio CDs upon the recommendation of the faculty and the media librarian. Audio CDs are the preferred format over audiocassettes.

CD-ROM - The media collection includes CD-ROMs. The Library will continue to purchase CD-ROMs upon the recommendation of the faculty and the media librarian.

Digital Videodisc (DVD) - The media collection includes DVDs. The Library will continue to purchase DVDs and will consider replacing current VHS formats available in DVD format. Although the industry is slow to produce educational material in DVD format, the media librarian will continue to review new material in DVD format for future purchases. DVDs are the preferred format over VHS.

Selection Criteria:

The media librarian in conjunction with faculty recommendations selects media material for purchase from a number of sources: reviews, previews, and publisher catalogs. The media librarian will purchase any faculty or librarian request that falls within the collection development guidelines and for which adequate funds exist. If the media librarian decides not to purchase a requested title, he/she will explore rental sources through Technical Services. Items selected for purchase will be further evaluated according to the following specific criteria:

  • Accuracy/authoritativeness
  • Timeliness of information
  • Format - Level of treatment
  • Technical quality
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Compatible with Library owned equipment
  • Cost

Rental of Media Material:

Purchase of media material should not be considered if rental of the item is more cost effective. If purchase of media material is for a one-time use by faculty, rental should be considered. All media rentals will be processed by Technical Services. Use of the University of Michigan’s Film and Video Library should be consulted first for video and film rentals.

Circulation of Material:

The circulation of media material shall follow the guidelines of the Circulation Policy.


All media material purchased by the Library will be housed in the Library media collection. Furthermore, all media materials are fully cataloged in the online library catalog.

Weeding and Evaluation:

The media collection shall be periodically examined to determine continued relevance to faculty and student needs and selection criteria. Factors such as usage, physical condition, and the accuracy and timeliness of the information presented shall also be considered. The media librarian will inform faculty of any weeding projects relating to the collection.


The media librarian following the library’s Gift Policy shall accept gift selections. Gifts shall be retained for the collection only if they meet the general selection criteria listed above, and should be in good physical condition as determined by the media librarian.

Copyright Compliance:

The Library complies with the United States Copyright Law (Title 15 U.S. Code), in both intent and practice. Materials acquired by acquisition or donation must acknowledge the rights of the copyright owner-the exclusive rights of reproduction, adaptation, publication, and display - as stated generally in Section 106.

All licenses or permissions granted by copyright owners to the Library will be kept on file until materials are withdrawn from the collection.