Make a Connection... if you dare! Horror film and book spooktacular!

September 28, 2020 Bethany Kennedy

Oh, the horror! In the battle of the baddies who would win? DIG IN to the Unknown during the month of October with this horror film and book pandemonium. 

 Horror Film Bracket Challenge 

Let's play a game... You choose who survives in this Horror Film bracket challenge. Come back every week and find out who has chance to haunt the Bailey Library for another week. The winner of this spooktacular bracket challenge will be announced on October 31st!  
For an extra scary treat see how many films you can find on the Bailey Library Streaming Video Services such as Kanopy


Horror Novel Creepy Quotes

 "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Try to figure out creepy quotes from Horror Novels. Think you can hack it? Try it if you dare! This isn’t a trick. Make it through to the end to win a special treat from the Bailey Library. 

Too scared to sleep? Find out how you can find a scary story as an eBook in the Bailey Library catalog. 


Want to Dig In a little further?

Check out the Dig In Research Guide for October for more frighteningly good resources.  

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