Women’s History Month

March 4, 2022 Matthew Farthing

Our friends at Newsbank are doing their part to commemorate Women’s History month.  Over the course of this month, we’ll be sharing information to spotlight just a few of the many notable women in literature. 

For the month itself, take a look at a list of 25 children’s books written to inspire future generations: https://bit.ly/3hFJDXz


March 10 is Ina Coolbrith’s Birthday

Born that day in 1841, Ina Coolbrith was a writer, librarian, and the first Poet Laureate in California’s history.  That made her the first poet laureate of any U.S. state!  Learn more about her life and legacy at: https://bit.ly/3tuMoR9

“Were I to write what I know, the book would be too sensational to print, but were I to write what I think proper, it would be too dull to read.”

~Ina Coolbrith

Check back next week to explore more notable women in literature.

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