Course Reserves

All reproduced materials submitted for Reserves must comply with the Copyright Laws of the United States. Visit the Copyright Research Guide for more information.

Putting Items on Reserve:

  • Items Suitable for Traditional Reserves:
    • Copies of personally-owned articles, books, videos or other media.
    • Library general collection books which require more limited circulation.
    • Course texts which are not readily available at the bookstore.
    • Supplementary course materials.
  • All items will be processed with barcodes, labels, and security materials.
  • The Library will make every effort to secure items on Reserve; however, the Library is not responsible for the replacement of lost or damaged materials. The Library will bill borrowers on the instructor's behalf.
  • The Reserves Submission Form can be filled out online or via printed copy.
  • All materials must be accompanied by a completed Reserve Submission Form.

Reserve Item Request Form

Library Reserves Policy Chart