Part-Time Independent Group Wage Rates

Effective July 1, 2020

Grade Hourly Rate
I101 $14.94
I102 $18.23
I103 $19.69
I104 $22.22
I105 $24.21
I106 $26.66
I107 $30.54
I108 $36.11
I109 $39.43
I110 $42.76
I111 $47.78
I201 $15.42
I202 $18.78
I203 $20.28
I204 $23.88
I205 $28.05
I206 $31.66
I207 $35.27
I208 $38.88
I209 $42.58
I210 $46.27
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Part-Time Independent Group Wage Policy

Effective 07/01/16

Part-Time Independent Group positions shall be classified for grade placement equivalent to that of full-time Independent Group position responsibilities.

All new Part-Time Independent employees shall receive an hourly rate equal to the minimum of the appropriate grade for the position in accordance with the Full-Time Independent Group Salary Range Table.

When the appropriate salary level for a position is not apparent a job description shall be submitted to the Director of Compensation and Benefits for evaluation and salary grade placement.