Thank you for your interest in the WCC Mentoring Pilot Program! The following outlines information specific to mentor expectations and qualifications.

Benefits for the Mentor:

  • Satisfaction gained from helping others
  • Share experiences and knowledge
  • Gain new and fresh perspectives from the mentee
  • Opportunity to be part of improving the employee experience at WCC
  • Practice leadership skills
  • Help develop leadership talent

Getting Started

First, read the Mentor Guide to ensure that you want to serve as a mentor, then take the Mentor Readiness Assessment.

Mentor Guide

Mentor Readiness Assessment

If the WCC Mentoring Pilot Program sounds like a good fit for you, fill out the Mentor Application.

Mentor Application

Mentor Orientation

Once you have completed the Mentor Application please complete the Mentor Orientation Session available on Blackboard. The orientation must be completed before a mentee can be assigned.

How to access the Mentor Orientation Session:

  1. From WCC’s home page click on “WCC Gateway”
  2. Select “Blackboard”
  3. Log into Blackboard with your net id and password
  4. In the “My Courses” window select “TLC: Teaching and Learning Center for WCC Faculty and Staff”
  5. In the left hand navigation for the course select “Human Resources”.
  6. Select the “Mentor Orientation Session” folder and follow the instructions to complete the orientation.

The Matching Process

Finding the best mentee/mentor match is key to making the Mentoring Program successful. Mentors will be paired with mentees based on a variety of different factors including:

  • Individual needs and goals of new employees
  • Compatibility in regards availability of mentors and mentees
  • Similarities and differences that are suitable for an ideal match

We also recognize that mentor/mentee matches may not be an ideal or good fit. We have implemented review system to give mentors and mentees the opportunity to address their concerns and possibly find a match that is a better fit.

Mentee Assignment

First Meeting

Once a mentee is assigned to you it is very important to reach out to your mentee. Be patient and persistent in arranging your first meeting. Using the Mentoring Agreement document set up a regular meeting schedule that will work for both of you.

Mentoring Agreement

The Mentoring Log, Mentee Action Plan and Confidentiality Agreement are other documents that should be completed at the first meeting to help establish boundaries and direction for the mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Log

Mentee Action Plan

Confidentiality Agreement

Review Process

The Mentoring Pilot Program committee will ask you to submit a six month and twelve month review to ensure that the experience is positive for both parties. You may also receive periodic updates and information from the committee while you are a mentor.

Mentor 6 mos review fillable

Mentor 12 mos review fillable

Wrapping Up

The informal mentoring process is expected to last twelve (12) months, after which you may choose to conclude or continue your mentoring relationship with your mentee. You may serve as a WCC Mentor for as long as you wish, or you can be added to the pool of potential mentors for future assignment.