What mentees say about the program:

I have met with my mentor several times. The meetings are productive and we have been able to set goals. I am able to ask questions about different WCC cultural related issues- how the college handles certain situations. This program has allowed me to ask questions that I wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable taking to a direct supervisor.

My mentor is a great match for me. She is very knowledgeable about the college and has been a great resource. I wish that this program had been available at my last job. It is great that I have someone to turn to with questions about a new workplace. This is a great program, please keep it going!

Arnett has been extremely welcoming and continue to stop by to see how things are going. He was very instrumental in helping me navigate departments and developing contacts for the future.

I appreciate that this mentoring program exist and all the hard work to make it happen. It’s helpful for newcomers to have someone to go to if they need help. I like how mentors and mentees were matched up in the beginning, utilizing the personality test.

I was able to learn more about the WCC culture by working with Sharon. She was able to give me insight into what others areas do and who would be helpful, depending on the situation.

My mentor shared with me her wealth of historical knowledge about WCC.

What mentors say about the program:

I have met with my mentee several times and we plan to meet again soon. I have already helped my mentee navigate some potential issues with a suite mate, and been able to provide information about taking classes at WCC as an employee.

Brittany and I have had a great experience with the mentor-mentee relationship. Thanks for the opportunity.