The staff within the Office of Counseling Department are here to assist you with all your questions and concerns. (To view a staff's contact information, please click on their names.)

Name: Position:
Liz Orbits Dean, Student Support Services
Full-time Counselors and Advisors:
James Bauer Professional Counselor
Caleb Boswell Student Advisor
Cristina Buzas Student Advisor
Arnett Chisholm Professional Counselor
Rhonda Gilmore Professional Counselor
Kim Groce Professional Counselor
Whitney Lee Student Advisor
Kari Mapes Professional Counselor
Jerrell McCowin Professional Counselor
Alexandra McCracken Student Advisor
Devin Streur International Student Advisor
Part-time Counselors and Advisors:
Sandy Argas Counselor
Marshall Averill Student Advisor
Earl Avery Counselor
Darion Blalock Student Advisor
Eleanor Brundage Counselor
Duane Clark Counselor
Kandi Jurek Student Advisor
Caitlyn Meszaros Student Advisor
Diana Trosch Counselor
Romona Williams Counselor
SRC Personnel:
Kendra Agee AA Community Scholar Success Coach
Laura Beck PT Math Student Success Coach
Andrew Crockett Online Student Success Coach
Grace Fama Success Coach Manager
Cheryl Finley Student Advisor/Case Manager
Teresa Herzog Collegiate Recovery Coordinator
Earle Jackson PT Math Student Success Coach
Leslie Neal Student Advisor/Case Manager
Kathy Stewart Youth in Transition REACH Success Coach
Anthony Webster Career & Technical (CTE) Education Success Coach
Full-time Office Professionals:
Barb Huff Administrative Assistant Counseling & Career Planning
Jennifer Nakhleh Lead, Counseling & Career Administrative Assistant
Mary Therman Administrative Assistant Counseling & Career Planning
Carol Tinkle Project & Data Administrative Assistant
Part-time Office Professionals:
Chrystal Hernandez Office Professional