E-Text Options

Obtaining E-Textbooks

Borrowing or purchasing digital or eBooks through the WCC Bookstore, VitalSource or RedShelf facilitates access to textbooks.  Audio and other features are available in some books.  If there are any problems in obtaining or accessing ebooks please begin by contacting the companies. 

WCC Bookstore RedShelf.com VitalSource.com

The built-in reader should be available in all books.  If not, students with disabilities needing this access should contact Mike Tran, Technology Specialist in Learning Support Services to  check accessibility before purchase.

RedShelf and VitalSource require payment by credit card. Please check with Financial Aid and/or the WCC Foundation to access other funding for books through the WCC Bookstore.


Many of the eBooks have an audio feature, and is automatically enabled when you open your book in the RedShelf eReader.  

The text-to-speech controls will appear in the top right corner of the screen. Use the "play" icon (a right-pointing triangle arrow inside a circle) to start the text-to-speech feature! A "pause" icon (two vertical bars inside a circle) will replace that image - just activate it again to stop the reader.  screenshot showing pause icon

For more settings and options with text-to-speech, use the triple circle icon labeled "more text to speech controls" to open settings.screenshot showing more text to speech controls

​​​What if the Text-to-Speech Tool is Not Available?

When text-to-speech is unavailable in your book, you will not see the option to turn it on.  In this case, we recommend submitting a Solve ticket to our Accessibility Team using the accessibility request form and we will reprocess your book to the text-to-speech feature.


For students and instructors accessing Bookshelf for the first time:

  1. Go to https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/user/registration
  2. Fill out the form in full, make sure to use your institution-provided email address, and click the Create button
  3. Confirm your account by finding the, "Please verify your VitalSource Bookshelf account" email and clicking the "Confirm Your Email" button.
  4. Once you are in Bookshelf, click the Explore button to search our expansive catalog and borrow up to seven (7) eBooks

You are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You attend a 2 year or 4-year institution on a semester-based schedule
  2. You have a school-provided email address
  3. You are currently enrolled in or teaching a semester-based course(s) that began prior to March 16, 2020.

How do I access VitalSource Helps content?

To get started, visit bookshelf.vitalsource.com. Before you begin searching for and reading course materials, you will need to log in to an existing Bookshelf account with your institution-provided email address or create a new account.

For Support and VitalSource contact numbers please click here.

Please first try to contact RedShelf and VitalSource with questions. 

If you are a student with a disability and need access to the material or accommodations, please contact Learning Support Services, Michael Tran, Technology Specialist at [email protected].