Admissions Lottery Results

March 13, 2020 Alex Long

Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers,

The Washtenaw Technical Middle College (WTMC) lottery results for the 2020-2021 school year, held on March 13, 2020.

The first list displays the application numbers of the students who have been accepted. The second list displays the application numbers of the students who are on the waitlist. Your application number can be found in the upper right corner of the receipt you received when you turned in your application. All students, accepted and waitlisted, will receive a status letter next week.

If your student was accepted: Please follow the directions in the status letter you receive next week to let WTMC know your intentions to enroll in our school.

If your student is on the waitlist: We will be filling spots until August 15, 2020. We will call waitlisted students in order. Please ensure that the contact information at WTMC is correct. If it has changed since you submitted your application, please send an email to [email protected] and provide us with the correct information.

If you have questions, please contact WTMC’s admissions office at (734) 677-5360 or email [email protected].

We truly appreciate your interest in WTMC and look forward to working with your family in the coming years.