WTMC's Plan for Fall 2020 Instruction

July 1, 2020 Alex Long

Dear WTMC families,

We are glad to offer families clarity on what they can expect this fall. This message will outline three options your student has for fall semester 2020 learning at Washtenaw Technical Middle College. These options are based on the Governor’s Return to School Roadmap. Please consider carefully what choice best fits your student’s needs.

Option 1: Virtual learning

Students selecting this option will learn entirely off-campus in a mix of self-paced online activities and regular, daily scheduled virtual learning sessions with their classroom instructor. Virtual learning at WTMC will be designed around the same soft skills, academic objectives, and social learning opportunities we offer for in-person learning. Virtual students will still receive one-on-one support from their BASE advisors and will be encouraged to join or participate in extracurricular groups.

The virtual learning option is available to every student, but it does depend on having a steady internet connection at home. WTMC will offer every student who needs an appropriate device (laptop, Chromebook, or tablet) to participate in virtual learning if they choose to do so.

Virtual learning students will be able to earn soft skill credentials and advance to college coursework just like students in a normal semester. 

Option 2: Full-day in-person learning on the college campus

Students selecting this option will come to campus to learn in classrooms and labs for the full school day, approximately 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. The College is working hard to create a healthy learning environment for in-person students: custodial staff will use enhanced cleaning and disinfecting processes in classrooms, hallways, and public spaces on campus. Furthermore, all students and staff will be asked to comply with a number of mandatory public health requirements:

  • Students and staff will wear face coverings in classrooms and hallways throughout the day except when eating or drinking;
  • Students will need to complete a daily screening process and have their temperature checked when arriving to campus;
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom, and students will be instructed in effective handwashing technique;
  • Students will be spaced six feet apart in classrooms, facing the same direction;
  • Students will be asked to follow strict distancing procedures including avoiding grouping, one-way travel in hallways, and limited access to campus facilities;
  • Start- and end-times for classes may be staggered by ten minutes to reduce crowding.

Students who come to campus will be able to earn soft skill credentials and advance to college coursework just like students in a normal semester. 

Option 3: Half-day hybrid learning (two classes in person, two virtual only)

Students selecting this option would come to campus for a half-day (either morning or afternoon) and participate in their other classes virtually from home. This option is meant to offer flexibility for families while permitting students some face-to-face instruction. 

Consistent with option 2 above, any student coming to campus will need to follow the College’s daily health screening, masking, and distancing requirements.

Hybrid learning students will be able to earn soft skill credentials and advance to college coursework just like students in a normal semester. 


Of course, personal or family conditions may change for any of us between now and September. Students may change their minds this fall and move to in-person or virtual instruction as needed. Furthermore, these options depend on what happens with the COVID-19 pandemic. They are based on Michigan staying in Safe Start Phase 4 or better. 

If in the future public health authorities indicate that Michigan has moved back to Safe Start Phase 3 or below, all learning will move to virtual / online instruction for every WTMC student as required by the State. In such a situation, WTMC will guarantee devices and training for students so that they can be successful in remote learning.

We are grateful for your trust and support as we face an uncertain future together. Whatever you choose to do, know that Washtenaw Community College and Washtenaw Technical Middle College are working hard every day to prepare for a meaningful, challenging, and safe fall semester, and to build a strong foundation for future semesters of learning and success for your student.


The WTMC Administration