WTMC Spring Course and Graduation Preview 2021

March 15, 2021 Washtenaw Technical Middle College

WTMC Community,

This message contains important information about spring 2021 courses and this year’s graduation ceremony. We will continue to offer you more details and a clearer picture of spring term over the coming weeks.

Graduation 2021:

We are excited to share the news that there will be a graduation event on Saturday, May 22. There are still many details to coordinate, but for now the plan will involve an activity for both students and families. We will share more as the college develops its plan in the next few weeks.

Spring Semester: 

Spring semester begins on Monday, May 10. This shorter term allows students to take fewer classes and offers some unique electives that are not offered other times during the year.

WTMC classes: these are for all ninth-grade students, and other students who have blended schedules, or need to earn a soft skill credential, or need a WTMC math class.

We will offer both on-campus classes and virtual WTMC classes in every subject area. Students can choose which type of classes they want to attend. Most students will take 3 courses in spring. Some may take more, or fewer, depending on their unique needs and their EDPs.

Academic WTMC classes (in-person or virtual) will meet four days each week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 

BASE Seminar: Wednesday mornings will be used for group BASE meetings, optional outdoor group activities, and individual BASE meetings.

We will send a detailed list of course descriptions to students and parents by Monday, March 22. Scheduling classes will be done with the student’s BASE advisor

WCC classes: these are for students who have transitioned to full-time college courses or have a blended schedule.

All college classes will meet virtually or online, except for in-person labs this spring. Students should consult the WCC website for course details, and work with their BASE advisor to create a schedule that fits their needs.