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Confidentially Reporting Sexual Misconduct

WCC Staff designated to take confidential Title IX reports regarding Sexual Misconduct
Call 911 if this is an emergency.

Confidential reporting information is below. Read about all reporting options.

The WCC staff listed below are designated by the College to receive confidential reports of student sexual misconduct.

Reports of employee sexual misconduct should be reported to Sam Veltri in the Office of Human Resources.

The reporter (victim, friend or relative of the victim, witness, etc.) must request confidentiality. The staff below can take the report, help with providing information on resources, and provide information on options for reporting.

List of staff designated to receive confidential Title IX reports of sexual misconduct:

Name Position Office E-mail Address Phone
Liz Orbits Dean Support Services SC 206 E eorbits@wccnet.edu 734-677-5365
Arnett Chisholm Professional Counselor SC 206 LL achisholm@wccnet.edu 734-973-3484
Deb Guerrero Director Learning Support Services LA 104 debrag@wccnet.edu 734-973-3342
Cheryl Finley SRC Case Manager SC 206 H crfinley@wccnet.edu 734-973-3397
Leslie Neal SRC Case Manager SC 206 I lwneal@wccnet.edu 734-973-3653
Kris VanMarter Lead Program Specialist LA 104 F klvan@wccnet.edu 734-973-3342
James Bauer Professional Counselor SC 206 J jdbauer@wccnet.edu 734-677-5102
Rhonda Gilmore Professional Counselor SC 206 M rgilmore@wccnet.edu 734-973-3416
Susan Travis Professional Counselor TI 122 P stravis@wccnet.edu 734-973-3666
Kimberly Groce Divisional Counselor SC 265 kgroce@wccnet.edu 734-973-3476
Jerrell McCowin Divisional Counselor LA 230 G jmccowin@wccnet.edu 734-677-5195
Kathy Stewart Student Resources Specialist SC 281 kstewar3@wccnet.edu 734-973-3572
Kari Mapes Youth Build Triage Counselor SC 263 A kamapes@wccnet.edu 734-677-5116
Part Time Staff Designated to receive confidential Title IX reports of sexual misconduct.
Sandy Argas PT Counselor SC 206 sargas@wccnet.edu 734-677-5102
Earl Avery PT Counselor SC 206 eavery@wccnet.edu 734-677-5102
Duane Clark PT Counselor SC 206 duclark@wccnet.edu 734-677-5102
Laurie Englehart PT Counselor SC 269 lauriee@wccnet.edu 734-677-5492
Debra Houde PT Learning Disability Evaluator LA 104 debra@wccnet.edu 734-973-3493
Robert Ponitz PT Program Specialist LA 104 raponitz@wccnet.edu 734-973-3342
Diane Trosch Emeritus - Coun/Librarian SC 206 L dtrosch@wccnet.edu 734-677-5102
Romona Williams PT Counselor SC 206 rwilliams@wccnet.edu 734-677-5102

Grievance Procedure

If an individual wishes to file a complaint on how the College handled their situation, access the College’s Complaint and Grievance Procedures.

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