Personal Support

student walking in Student Center lobby

Sometimes life presents challenges that—if left unattended—could put your educational success at risk. That’s why support at WCC comes in many forms. No matter what you’re facing, it doesn’t have to derail your plans.

Personal counseling

Take control of your emotional health: check out all the counseling resources at your disposal, including licensed counselors who are available to meet with you 1-on-1, and our Campus Assistance Program online counseling service, available 24/7/365.


Need help with your personal finances? You can get assistance with paying for childcare and books, learning financial skills, or a grant to cover financial emergencies.

Emergency food pantry

Don’t let hunger take your mind off your studies. Our emergency food pantry supplies free staples and hygiene products.


Our Public Safety personnel patrol campus and are ready to assist you if you need a security escort, help with your car, medical attention, and more. Learn more about safety support on campus.

For students from foster care

We offer resources and support to students who have been in foster care. See our REACH services.

Student Resource Center

Start at the SRC if you have unmet personal, financial, or academic needs. Our staff will talk with you 1-on-1 to understand your situation and connect you to resources.

Community resources

Washtenaw County is rich in resources that exist to help residents with physical and emotional needs.

Sexual misconduct

Any form of sexual misconduct is unwelcome on our campus. Learn what constitutes sexual misconduct, how to protect yourself, and what your rights are.

Collegiate Recover Program

Don’t let addiction steal your life. We are focused on helping students transition into the college community and succeed in the college environment while maintaining sobriety. Learn more about support and our weekly meetings.

Understand the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse and find help.