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Below are some of the most requested forms for WCC Employees.

To view PDF documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from Adobe.

A. New Hire

No files available.

B. Employment

File NameFile Size
Change of Address and or Name Form160.76 KB
Job Reclassification Form26.29 KB
PT Benefits136.33 KB
Request for Personnel Info95.52 KB
Verification of Employment25.21 KB

C. Absentee/Leave Requests

File NameFile Size
CM PTO Request for Sick Bank Reserve and PTO Payout71.9 KB
FMLA Request Form (REV 2009)10.85 KB
Full-Time Faculty Absentee Form revised 01261669.53 KB
Independent Staff Vacation Payout Request Form163.7 KB
Part Time Adjunct Faculty Absentee Form175.25 KB
Part-Time Faculty Absentee Form7.79 KB
Part-Time Faculty Substitution Form8.86 KB
Supervisor Report of Accident351.13 KB

D. Sabbaticals

File NameFile Size
Guidelines for Sabbaticals428.14 KB
Sabbatical Application141.77 KB
Sabbatical Application fill-in form26.51 KB

E. Health Savings Account

File NameFile Size
2018 Health Savings Account Payroll Deduction Authorization163.56 KB
2019 Health Savings Account Payroll Deduction Authorization81.98 KB

F. Health Care Coverage

File NameFile Size
Michigan Education Savings Program Payroll Deduction Form69.75 KB

G. Health Expense Reimbursement

File NameFile Size
2018-2019 IG, OPTA, CM & NOPT College Provided Reimbursement Request67.79 KB
2019-2020 IG, OPTA, CM & NOPT College Provided Reimbursement Request89.95 KB
Faculty College Provided Reimbursement Request 2018-201978.66 KB
Infinisource-Flexible Spending Reimbursement Request54.46 KB

H. Tuition Reimbursement

File NameFile Size
PT Tuition Grant Request68.19 KB
Tuition Reimbursement - Outside WCC85.37 KB

I. Performance Appraisals

File NameFile Size
Classified Faculty Performance Appraisal28.54 KB
Custodial Maintenance Performance Review57.59 KB
Independent Staff Performance Appraisal Form59.54 KB
OPT Performance Appraisal Form59.53 KB

J. Retirement

File NameFile Size
403b Salary Reduction Agreement 2019153.19 KB
457 Salary Reduction Agreement 2019101.28 KB

K. Freedom of Information Act

File NameFile Size
Request for Public Information125.88 KB

L. Union Dues

File NameFile Size
AFSCME Union Dues Deduction Request Form15.35 KB
PT Adjunct Union Dues Sheet13.45 KB
WCCEA Full Time Union Dues form13.37 KB

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