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Emergency Procedures and Equipment

  • Crisis Procedures - What to do and where to go during each type of emergency
  • Emergency and House Phones - Locations of indoor and outdoor phones on campus, specified by building, parking lot and sidewalk
  • Extinguishers and Pull Stations - Locations of fire extinguishers and pull stations (fire alarms), specified by building
  • Defibrillators - Locations of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED), used for heart attacks
  • Tornado Shelters - Locations of the designated tornado shelters in each building
  • Evacuation of the Disabled - Information in emergency evacuation procedures and locations for the disabled
  • Hazardous Materials - Instructions for ensuring the safety of those who are disabled or injured, including Evacu-Trac locations
  • Active Shooter - Information on what to do in the case of an on-campus active shooter situation

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