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Enrollment Steps for Health and Second Tier Program Students

The programs below require a second application and may have additional admission requirements/criteria when applying to the program. If you wish to apply to one of these programs, you must first be admitted to WCC before you can begin the application process for your chosen program.

Details about WCC’s Certificates and Degrees including admission requirements/criteria and program requirements can be found on WCC’s website by selecting your chosen program, or in the application packet below when available. Additional information may also be available on WCC’s Health Programs website.

Students who are interested in pursuing a health program are encouraged to enroll in HSC 103 (Healthcare Exploration) during their first semester/year of enrollment at WCC. This course is required in the Healthcare Foundations Certificate and provides an overview of healthcare careers and details regarding the application process for second tier programs.

Admissions to WCC’s second tier programs is determined based on either a Competitive Admission Process or a Limited Enrollment Admission Process. Details are provided below regarding each process, and programs are listed under the applicable admission process utilized.

Competitive Admission Process

The competitive admission process is utilized by programs that have been designated as high demand (one for which there are more qualified applicants than openings for an entering class).  Program applicants are required to meet all admission requirements/criteria and are ranked based on a point system. The best qualified applicants are selected for admission. Details regarding WCC’s Admission to High Demand Programs policy can be found on WCC’s website. Application packets for these programs can be downloaded below when available.

File NameFile SizeLast Updated
Nursing, Registered572.26 KB06/07/2019
Nursing Licensed Practical Nurse to Registered Nurse344.42 KB01/11/2019
Physical Therapist Assistant1.06 MB01/11/2019
Radiography559.67 KB12/20/2018
Surgical Technology559.99 KB07/05/2019

Point Scales

Details regarding WCC’s point system and how points are awarded, can be downloaded below based on the academic year of when your chosen program will begin. All point scales used by the college can be found in the document below. Please be aware that there may be program specific scales and not all programs use each scale. Refer to the chosen program’s application packet to determine which scales will apply.        

File NameFile SizeLast Updated
Point Scales for All Programs 2019-2020 Academic Year786.87 KB07/26/2018

Limited Enrollment Admission Process

The limited enrollment admission process is utilized by programs that have a limited number of seats available. Program applicants are required to meet all admission requirements/criteria and are admitted to the program on a first-qualified, first-admitted basis until all seats are filled with an exception to WCC’s post-associate certificate programs*. Application packets for these programs can be downloaded below when available.

*Priority admission and continued enrollment is given to eligible WCC students currently enrolled in the final year of their prerequisite associate degree program when applying to one of WCC’s post-associate certificate programs by the deadline stated in the application packet. WCC students who submit their application after the deadline, will forfeit their priority status. After the WCC priority deadline, WCC will continue to admit applicants to the program on a first-qualified, first-admitted basis until all seats are filled.  

File NameFile SizeLast Updated
Computed Tomography445.32 KB07/26/2019
Dental Assisting-Pathway II (ADAEP)447.01 KB08/02/2019
Dental Assisting-Pathway I (Campus)267.36 KB12/18/2018
Magnetic Resonance Imaging445.95 KB07/26/2019
Mammography444.76 KB05/10/2019
Pharmacy Technology547.36 KB10/30/2018

Advising For Health and Second Tier Programs

Program requirements are specific and we strongly recommend meeting with an advisor regularly to discuss the timing and selection of admission requirement and support courses. Advisors are available to meet with students on a walk-in basis or by appointment during regular business hours. Appointments can be scheduled through the WCC Gateway by clicking on Student Services Appointments or by calling 734-677-5102 and pressing 0.

In addition, certain programs require a mandatory advising meeting prior to submitting an application to the program. Details regarding this meeting are included in the program application packet.  Appointments can be scheduled after the application packet becomes available and no earlier than the semester prior to the application deadline.  

Prior to the mandatory advising meeting (for applicable programs), students must complete the Pre-Advising Checklist found in the program application packet. This form will help prepare students for their appointment and ensure a productive meeting. Please be aware that the Mandatory Advising Form that can be found in the application packet must be signed by the student’s advisor to be eligible to submit an application to their chosen program.


Visit the Student Connection on the second floor of the Student Center building, call us at 734-973-3543, or send an email to studrec@wccnet.edu. Regular hours for the office are Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 7:00pm, Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm, and Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Office hours are modified during certain times of the year.

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