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Placement Testing

The College uses placement tests to determine an incoming student's current English, reading and math levels. WCC uses these scores to help students choose the right classes. They ensure students are enrolling in courses that match their current skill level and subject knowledge. These tests could also determine opportunities for students to bypass courses not required for their degree or transfer pathway. The ACCUPLACER (English and reading) and ALEKS (math) placement tests, and are offered in the Testing Center on the 3rd floor of the Student Center Building on campus. We also have the CaMLA English Placement Test (EPT), which is an English proficiency test for students whose primary language is not English.

Placement Tests for English and Reading Comprehension

Students may use SAT, ACT, or the ACCUPLACER placement test to determine their skill level in reading and English.

Students who have previously attended an accredited US college or university and have earned a minimum of 15 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher are not required to complete a placement test in English or Reading Comprehension.

Placement Tests for Math

Students may use SAT, ACT, or the ALEKS to determine their skill level in Mathematics. Students who have graduated from high school or college, this year or last year, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, will receive a Math Level of 3 - unless a test score sets a higher level. A Math level of 3 or below, that is established with a GPA or test score, will expire after 2 years. Students with an expired math level will need to take an ALEKS placement test to establish a new math level.

Please review Testing Center hours. You must start your ALEKS testing 2 hours 15 minutes before the center closes.

You cannot take the ALEKS Math Placement test until you have a Reading Level of 3 or higher on record.

Placement Tests for English Proficiency

The College uses the CaMLA English Proficiency Test (EPT) for students whose first language is not English.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have test anxiety?
  • How are my placement scores used

    Please view Academic Levels and Course Placement information

  • How do I have my Placement scores sent to another school?

    Please fill out and return this form

  • Requesting Remote Placement Testing?

    Most Remote Testing Sites charge a fee. If you have found a Remote site, please fill out and return this form

    If you are a WCC student and would like to take your ACCUPLACER placement test through Examity (fee involved) from home and you meet the Technology Requirements found on this page: https://examity.com/accuplacer-students

    Email testingcenter@wccnet.edu asking for an Examity ACCUPLACER voucher. Include your Name, WCC Student ID number, Address, Phone number, and DOB in the email.  Also include which test you need (Reading, Writing OR Both)

Please note: A photo ID is required to take any of the Placement Tests. No exceptions!



Disability Support Services

WCC strives to be more than ADA compliant. We strive to be accessible and welcoming to students of all abilities.

If you need any assistance or accommodation in completing any components of the admissions, financial aid, orientation or enrollment processes, please contact our Learning Support Services at (734)973-3342.

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