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Placement Testing

Here are a number of ways to determine placement. If you have not provided the College with ACT or SAT scores, WCC uses the COMPASS Placement Test (Computer-Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System) to help you and your WCC advisors understand your needs and select the classes that will help you succeed. WCC also provides the COMPASS ESL Placement Test for English as a Second Language students.

You take COMPASS one business day after you have applied to the college. You must take COMPASS, or be exempted from it, before you can be officially admitted to WCC and register for classes.

Do I have to take COMPASS?

Yes, unless:

  • You gain exemption from In-Person Orientation (visit the Orientation website for details), or
  • You provide the College with ACT, SAT, COMPASS or ASSET scores (you must submit scores directly from ACT, SAT, provide your original score report, or submit an official high school transcript that contains the scores).

When and where do I take COMPASS?

  • When: you are eligible to take COMPASS one business day after you have applied to the College. We advise you to get a full night's rest and a good meal before taking the test so that your results will reflect your best ability. Bring official photo ID and arrive at least two hours before the Testing Center closes.
  • Where: you take COMPASS in the Testing Center.

Tell me more about COMPASS

How can I prepare for COMPASS?

What if I have test anxiety?

How are my COMPASS or other placement scores used?

Other Information

Students with disability-related or accommodation needs should contact Learning Support Services at 734-973-3342.

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