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Add a Class/Schedule Adjustment Deadlines

You may add a class if space is available in the section you want to add and you meet any other requirements stated here. You are responsible for the timely payment of all appropriate tuition and fees for any class that you add.

Adding a Class

  • Before 8pm the night before the class begins (as space allows). Log in to MyWCC, go to registration, and register for the class as you normally would.

Adding A Class After the Deadline: Restricted Registration Guidelines

A student who has not yet registered for the semester by the deadline may register only for classes that have not yet started, unless the student meets all of the following exceptions:

  1. Student has fully completed the entire admission process and
  2. Meets the course prerequisites and
  3. Has attended every meeting of the class and
  4. The instructor has electronically granted permission to register.

Permission to add after the session has begun is at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor is not required to grant permission.

Restricted Registration also applies to the beginning of classes starting later in the semester. Once a class has begun, students must meet the criteria above if they have not yet registered for the section.

More Information on Permission to Add

  1. Ask the instructor of the class you want to add for permission to add the class.
  2. If s/he agrees, the instructor grants permission via MyWCC. This generates an email notice to your WCC email account.
  3. After you receive the email indicating permission to add the class, log in to MyWCC and add the class by the Last Day to Add/Schedule Adjustment Deadline. If you don't register, you are not in the class and will not receive credit for it.
  4. Confirm your account balance in MyWCC, or check with the Cashier on the second floor of the Student Center Building. If you are in ePayPlan, the system automatically updates the payment calculations and sends you an email when you change your schedule.
  5. Pay your tuition bill. If adding before the session begins, pay the day you register or by the deadline. If adding after the session begins, pay the day you register.

Section Changes

After the refund deadline, students changing from one section of a course to another section of the same course offered at a different time (section change) should call or visit the Student Connection so that a withdrawal is not placed on their record.

Last Day to Add/Schedule Adjustment Deadlines

The Last Day to Add/Schedule Adjustment Deadline depends on the session that the class is offered. Note that the Last Day to Add/Schedule Adjustment Deadline is often after the Last Day to Drop. If you add a class after the Last Day to Drop, you will not be able to drop the class. As a result you will not receive a refund, and WCC will not drop you for nonpayment so you will still have to pay tuition and fees.

Winter 2015

Session Last Day to Add/Schedule Adjustment Deadline
First 5 weeks January 23
First 7½ weeks January 23
First 10 weeks January 26
First 12 weeks January 28
15 weeks January 28
Second 12 weeks February 19
Second 5 weeks March 6
Second 10 weeks March 6
Second 7½ weeks March 24
Third 5 weeks April 10



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