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Articulation with Colleges and Universities

WCC has articulation agreements in various program areas with the following four-year institutions. To view a specific articulation agreement, click on the name of the college or university.

File NameFile SizeLast Updated
Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy19.56 KB09/29/2017
Art Institute of Michigan81.52 KB09/29/2017
CMU Political Science BS373.47 KB11/14/2017
CMU Psychology BS373.42 KB11/14/2017
CUAA - Art Music English132.14 KB12/17/2009
CUAA - Biology Chemistry Physics59.91 KB12/17/2009
CUAA - Criminal Justice History Social Studies192.31 KB12/21/2009
CUAA - Family Life Youth Studies59.22 KB12/17/2009
CUAA - Haab School of Business & Management33.07 KB12/17/2009
CUAA - Legal Studies & Public Policy110.95 KB12/21/2009
CUAA - Physical Science Integrated Science Math74.67 KB12/17/2009
CUAA - Pre-Med Pre-Dental Physical Education54.2 KB12/17/2009
CUAA - Psychology Sociology Philosophy & Religious Studies71.32 KB12/17/2009
CUAA - RN to BSN with Concordia Wisconsin337.31 KB10/03/2017
CUAA - School Education Secondary & Elementary Ed83.66 KB12/17/2009
CUAA - The General Studies Requirements19.18 KB12/17/2009
CUAA Business Management BA46.82 KB09/29/2017
CUAA Criminal Justice BA46.16 KB09/29/2017
Chamberlain College of Nursing2.45 MB09/29/2017
Cleary University Accounting and Finance BBA165.04 KB11/28/2017
Cleary University Hospitality Management BBA - Baking and Pastry Arts AAS166.7 KB11/28/2017
Cleary University Hospitality Management BBA - Culinary & Hospitality Management AAS169.22 KB11/28/2017
Cleary University Public Accounting BBA166.95 KB11/28/2017
Cleary University109.38 KB11/28/2017
Concordia Univ Master Agreement98.42 KB10/03/2017
Davenport University 15-161.24 MB11/06/2018
EMU Apparel Textiles and Merchandising BS - AAS in Retail Management or Supply Chain Management637.06 KB09/29/2017
EMU Business Major BBA - Accounting AAS36.87 KB09/04/2018
EMU Business Major BBA - Business AA37.18 KB09/04/2018
EMU Business Major BBA - Management AAS36.55 KB09/04/2018
EMU Business Major BBA - Retail Management AAS37.03 KB09/04/2018
EMU Business Major BBA - Supply Chain Management AAS36.56 KB09/04/2018
EMU Children and Families BS - Child Care Professional AAS35.42 KB09/04/2018
EMU Children and Families BS - Early Childhood Education AA34.56 KB09/07/2018
EMU Communication Technology BS864.53 KB11/27/2018
EMU Communication or Communication, Media and Theatre Arts BA or BS758.26 KB11/06/2018
EMU Computer Information Systems BBA636.89 KB09/29/2017
EMU Computer Science - Applied BS316.75 KB12/15/2017
EMU Computer Science - Curriculum BS42.72 KB12/15/2017
EMU Construction Management210.28 KB09/29/2017
EMU Criminology & Criminal Justice BS37.44 KB09/07/2018
EMU Electrical & Computer Engineering BS287.36 KB12/03/2018
EMU Elementary Education BS54.87 KB12/20/2017
EMU Elementary Education Early Childhood Comprehensive BS284.47 KB02/08/2018
EMU Exercise Science BS37.93 KB09/04/2018
EMU Graphic Design BFA303.17 KB06/13/2018
EMU Health Administration BS132.38 KB09/29/2017
EMU Honors College78.24 KB10/03/2017
EMU Hotel & Restaurant Management BS337.58 KB10/03/2017
EMU Industrial Distribution BS222.09 KB10/03/2017
EMU Information Assurance and Cyber Defense BS331.84 KB09/29/2017
EMU Journalism BS176.16 KB09/29/2017
EMU Nursing BSN Completion1.47 MB09/24/2018
EMU Nursing Joint ADN and BSN209.53 KB06/13/2018
EMU Nursing Transfer BS378.65 KB09/29/2017
EMU Paralegal Studies BS - AA in Paralegal Studies - Pre-Law353.59 KB09/29/2017
EMU Paralegal Studies BS - AAS in Business Office Admin - Law Office Admin360.6 KB09/29/2017
EMU Photography Concentration BFA - AAS in Photographic Technology323.57 KB10/02/2017
EMU Public Safety Administration BS636.08 KB09/29/2017
EMU Reverse Transfer243.33 KB09/29/2017
EMU Secondary Education BS858.51 KB11/27/2018
EMU Simulation, Animation & Gaming BS36.21 KB09/04/2018
EMU Social Work BSW330.9 KB10/03/2017
EMU Technology Management BS36.39 KB10/15/2018
EMU Women's and Gender Studies BA or BS338.43 KB09/29/2017
EMU Written Communication BA or BS217.5 KB09/29/2017
Electrical Workers Local 17 AAS Mgmt Supervision306.7 KB09/29/2017
Ferris Institutional Partnership Agreement782.87 KB07/09/2013
Ferris State Univ Business Administration BS170.79 KB10/03/2017
Ferris State Univ Elementary Education BS1.74 MB09/29/2017
Ferris State Univ Reverse Transfer85.43 KB08/23/2013
Grand Valley State Univ Reverse Transfer38.6 KB06/25/2013
Huron Valley Ambulance Paramedic Training89.91 KB09/29/2017
Illinois Institute of Art Culinary Management BAS407.2 KB09/29/2017
Indiana Wesleyan Nursing - Adult Studies366.23 KB04/13/2017
International Masonry Inst Cert Masonry Const31.78 KB09/29/2017
Intl Masonry Inst Certified Tile Setting30.19 KB09/29/2017
Intl Masonry Institute Masonry Const Program31 KB09/29/2017
Ironworkers' Apprenticeship & Journeyman Training1.95 MB09/29/2017
Kaplan University Accounting BS32.69 KB03/27/2012
Kaplan University Business Administration BS32.97 KB03/27/2012
Kaplan University Criminal Justice BS32.61 KB03/27/2012
Kaplan University Human Services Administration BS33.4 KB03/27/2012
Kaplan University Nursing RN to BS18.76 KB03/27/2012
Life Support Training Institute497.99 KB10/03/2017
MIAT Power Technician260.79 KB11/06/2018
Madonna University Business Administration BS290.64 KB10/03/2017
Madonna University Child Development BS190.55 KB10/02/2017
Madonna University Computer Science - C++ BS213.27 KB01/24/2018
Madonna University Computer Science - JAVA BS221.18 KB01/24/2018
Madonna University Criminal Justice BS170.35 KB09/29/2017
Madonna University Forensic Science BS166.01 KB09/29/2017
Madonna University Graphic Design BA83.35 KB09/29/2017
Madonna University Health Care Infomatics BS141.58 KB07/13/2018
Madonna University Hospitality & Tourism Management BS217.88 KB10/02/2017
Madonna University Journalism and Public Relations BA324.13 KB01/24/2018
Madonna University Nursing BS72.41 KB09/29/2017
Madonna University Professional and Technical Writing BA142.5 KB01/24/2018
Madonna University Social Work BA144.26 KB06/07/2018
Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology125.72 KB09/29/2017
Northwood University Business Admin1.14 MB09/29/2017
Pennsylvania College of Tech Welding and Fabrication BS253.24 KB10/03/2017
Rowan University Construction Supervision degree75.61 KB09/29/2017
Savannah College of Art & Design Graphic Design BFA52.27 KB10/03/2017
Savannah College of Art & Design Photography BFA51.69 KB10/03/2017
Savannah College of Art & Design Transfer Equivalencies359.7 KB10/25/2017
Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 Training Programs103.79 KB10/03/2017
Siena Hgts Child Development BA106.38 KB09/29/2017
Siena Hgts Environmental Science BS107.49 KB10/03/2017
Siena Hgts Graphic Design Concentration BFA83.6 KB10/03/2017
Siena Hgts Graphic Design Focus BFA71.63 KB10/03/2017
Siena Hgts Nursing BSN82.33 KB10/03/2017
Siena Hgts Photography Concentration BFA82.81 KB10/03/2017
Siena Hgts Photography Focus BFA73.01 KB10/03/2017
Specs Howard58.62 KB10/02/2017
Thumbs203 KB10/05/2009
UM-Dearborn Children and Families172.52 KB09/11/2015
UM-Dearborn Engr and Computer Science Transfer Guide163.78 KB01/27/2017
UM-Dearborn Reverse Transfer48.22 KB04/03/2013
UM-Flint BAS2.95 MB10/03/2017
UM-Flint Management BBA44.95 KB09/29/2017
UM-Flint RN to BSN455.73 KB11/29/2017
UM-Flint Radiation Therapy152.89 KB03/17/2008
UM-Flint Social Work263.5 KB12/06/2017
University of Michigan Reverse Transfer327.12 KB01/28/2013
University of Phoenix626.55 KB04/24/2018
WCC Div Contract Training-Workforce Dev52.1 KB02/26/2014
WMU Reverse Transfer43.86 KB04/28/2014
WSU Business Administration BS1.29 MB09/29/2017
WSU Engineering Technology284.12 KB09/29/2017
WSU Learning, Design and Technology BA or BS331.33 KB09/04/2018
WSU Reverse Transfer956.07 KB09/21/2015
Walsh College Reverse Transfer27.05 KB03/25/2016

Articulation is the process of communication between WCC and other educational institutions such as high schools, colleges, and universities. The purpose of this type of communication is to ensure that students have a smooth transition from one institution to another in their educational careers. The product of articulation is an agreement that specifies that programs at one institution are accepted by another institution without loss of credit for the student.

Articulation with Colleges and Universities

A list of colleges and universities with which Washtenaw Community College has articulation agreements.

Articulation with High Schools through Tech Prep

A list of high schools with which Washtenaw Community College has articulation agreements.

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