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When you are ready to leave WCC, you’ll send a transcript to your next college or university to get credit for the classes you completed at WCC. Learn about ordering an official transcript from WCC as well as how to view and print an unofficial transcript.  

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Save time, money and transfer credits with ease

Before you order that transcript: Did you know that the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) can save time, money and make it easier for you to transfer your WCC credits to a 4-year college or university in Michigan?

This agreement makes it easier to transfer required general education courses from a community college to a 4-year college or university in Michigan. By taking at least 30 credits at WCC in certain courses, you can satisfy your general education requirements with fewer courses than at most colleges and universities. Learn more about the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).

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Plan your transfer

Planning your transfer is an important step to earning your degree.  In Michigan, you have several options when it comes to transferring.  You may want to transfer a course, complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement or complete an entire associate degree before transferring to earn your bachelor's degree. Talk to an advisor or visit the Michigan Transfer Network website.

Guest students

Enrolled at another college or university and want to earn your degree faster, we’re here to help you accomplish your goal! Take classes at WCC. Learn more about being a Guest student.


Transfer guides

Find out which groups of WCC courses will transfer to 4-year colleges or universities, or are part of specific programs or majors. Learn more about transfer guides.


Articulation agreements

Articulation agreements are similar to Transfer Guides but instead of identifying courses, they identify WCC programs that you can transfer to specific 4-year colleges and universities.

Course-for-course comparison

How will your courses transfer to a 4-year college or university?  Each college or university maps WCC courses to a comparable or equivalent course at that institution. To find out which WCC courses will transfer to 4-year colleges or universities, learn more about the course-for-course equivalencies.

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