Guest Students

If you’re enrolled at another college or university and want to earn your degree faster, we’re here to help you accomplish your goal! You are considered a guest student if you’re taking classes at WCC and transferring the credits back to your home college or university.

Enroll as a Guest

To enroll at WCC: Follow the steps on the enrollment page. As a guest student, you will also need to:

✔Visit your home institution’s Registrar’s Office

Start the process at your home college or university’s Registrar’s Office to see which classes they will accept as transfer credit (transfer credit equivalency).

✔Submit your transcript

A transcript (either unofficial or official) so that we can ensure that you have met any prerequisites for the classes you are taking.

Please note:

  • If you are a guest F1 visa student, additional documents must be submitted each semester you wish to attend. Download the F1 Visa Guest Permission Letter.
  • Guest students are not eligible for financial aid at WCC.

Transfer your WCC credits

Need to order an official transcript of the classes you took at WCC or want an unofficial transcript to view or print?

Learn about obtaining official or unofficial transcripts.