Timeline for NCA 2009-2010 Comprehensive Self-Study


Date Tasks
April 2007 Obtain self-study reports from other institutions for review at NCA Annual Meeting.

Identify self-study coordinator and primary writer.

Self-study coordinator and primary writer review self-study reports from other organizations.

Spring/Summer 2007 Establish Self-Study Steering Committee and begin meeting to:
  • Become familiar with accreditation criteria and self-study goals and process
  • Organize and oversee principle subcommittees or working groups to prepare reports and data for inclusion in self-study
  • Determine what data is expected to be included in the reports (versus data that will be made available to the evaluation team on the web or in the resource room) and method for gathering/evaluating data

Self-Study Design Plan containing timeline, calendar, self-study goals, proposed committee structure, and working outline of self-study report is drafted by coordinator/writer and reviewed by Steering Committee.

Overall self-study design and goals are shared with all subcommittees/working groups.

Fall 2007 Dr. Whitworth is contacted by the Commission and asked to propose dates for the evaluation visit, identify the self-study coordinator, and clarify if there will be any change in the institution's status (none are anticipated).

Internal self-study site completed and put on college website.

Self-study presentations are given to faculty and staff at in-service.

Self-Study Design is completed and submitted to the Commission staff liaison.

Self-Study Design presented to Board of Trustees.

Subcommittees gather data and prepare outlines of chapters/reports for their areas.

Winter 2008 Subcommittees prepare evaluative statements with appropriate data and submit to Steering Committee.

Self-study presentations given to faculty and staff.

Conduct any survey research necessary for the report.

Steering Committee members participate in NCA Annual Meeting (April).

No later than Fall 2008 Send information to Commission suggesting desired team competencies.

Confirm date of visit.

Fall 2008 Drafts of self-study chapters are prepared by writer with coordinator and Steering Committee.

Self-study presentations given to faculty and staff (perhaps also to students).

Steering committee, coordinator and writer begin organizing information for electronic resource room.

Invite Commission staff liaison to campus to make presentation on self-study and other relevant topics.

Winter 2009 Self-study presentations given to faculty and staff.

Steering Committee distributes and receives reactions to draft chapters.

Solicit third party comment.

Writer(s)/editor(s) compile final version of report.

Receive a list of proposed team members from the Commission and respond with any comments.

Spring/Summer 2009 Self-study report given to Marketing and Publications for design by June 1.

Self-study submitted to Board of Trustees for approval.

Report is put on self-study website and made available campus-wide and to external constituencies.

Summer 2009 Team confirmed by Commission (should be confirmed by August).

Team chair contacts WCC to organize visit approximately 3 months prior to visit.

Copies of self-study report, last two annual financial audits, and current catalogues and student and faculty handbooks are sent to the Commission staff liaison and all evaluation team members at least eight weeks before scheduled team visit.

Early Fall 2009 Announce the dates of the evaluation visit to all constituent groups.

Make preparations for resource/meeting room for use by evaluation team.

Make visit preparations (accommodations, meals, scheduling, etc.) for team members.

Oct. 12-14 2009 Team visit takes place.
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