1030 - Policy Development Guidelines


The Board of Trustees of Washtenaw Community College, through the general and specific powers vested in it by the Michigan constitution and the compiled laws and statutes of the State of Michigan has the responsibility to "make plans for, to promote, or to acquire, construct, own, develop, maintain and operate a community college."

Policies are general statements of the Board which express its values and intents for the College. The President and college staff have the responsibility for carrying out the policies of the Board.

  1. The sequence of policy discussion and action by the Board of Trustees shall be as follows:
    1. Lodging of the policy topic: The first meeting at which a policy topic is discussed shall be for the purpose of introduction. Requests by the Board for further research or added information will serve as the basis for development of a formal policy proposal.

      A new policy proposal will not be presented for action by the Board at the first meeting except on rare occasions when cleared in advance with the Board Chair.

    1. First reading of policy proposal: At the second meeting at which a policy is discussed, a formal policy proposal will be presented for discussion. Identification of issues or requests for further information will be the basis of preparing a final policy proposal for Board action.

      On occasion, if the Board wishes to do so, a policy proposal will be acted upon at the same meeting the first reading occurs.

    1. Final policy proposal for Board action: At the third meeting, a final policy proposal will be presented for Board action.
  2. The President shall be responsible for research and preparation of drafts on policy matters. Policy matters may be received by the President or Board verbally, but will generally not be discussed by the Board without appropriate research and the preparation of a written draft.
  3. The Board of Trustees shall annually establish priorities for policy development. Priorities for review of existing policies and for creating new policies shall be considered.
  4. Appropriate internal review of proposed policies shall be undertaken to insure participation in deliberations by those affected by the policy.
  5. Policy proposals initiated from within the college staff shall be channeled through the administrative structure and, if approved, shall be presented by the President to the Board of Trustees.
  6. The college administration shall be responsible for disseminating information on approved policies.
  7. All Board policies shall be posted on the College Website and shall be maintained by the Administrative Assistant to the Board. The Administrative Assistant to the Board shall provide a paper copy of the Community College Act, College Policies, and Board Bylaws to each Board member. All revisions to policy will be sent to Board members with instruction on where they should be placed in the manual.

Adopted: February 27, 1979
Revised: November 24, 1987
Administrative Review: May 28, 2002

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