1080 - Policy on Board Travel and Attendance at Conferences


The Board recognizes the need for continuing involvement in College-related organizations, in-service training, and education for Board members. The Board encourages the participation of all members in meetings, conferences, and workshops at the local, regional, and national levels, which are directly pertinent to their duties as members of the Board. The Board also appoints members to represent the Board in certain College-related organizations. Each Board member is expected to report back to the Board regarding each conference or meeting attended at College expense.

Board members shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in attending Board-approved meetings and conferences. Reimbursable expenses shall be those enumerated in the Washtenaw Community College Travel and Minor Purchases Regulations.

Approval of Conferences and Meetings

Board members may attend any meetings or conferences held by the following organizations: (1) Michigan Community College Association; (2) Association of Community College Trustees, (3) American Association of Community Colleges. Other conferences and travel must be approved in advance by the Board in open meeting.

Travel Budgets and Reimbursement

Each Board member shall have an individual conference and travel allowance of a fixed amount for each fiscal year to be used for registration fees and expenses for approved conferences and meetings. The amount of the allowance shall be established in the College's annual budget. Expenses within the member's allowance limit shall be reimbursed upon submittal of the appropriate form with attached receipts to the Secretary to the Board.

Approved: April 27, 1999
Administrative Review: May 2002