2040 - Tuition Refund Policy


Policy Statement:

Washtenaw Community College recognizes that students may need to drop and/or withdraw from enrolled courses. The College maintains both a traditional academic calendar with fifteen-week semesters and short sessions of one to fourteen weeks to address the needs of special student populations. The refund policy provisions are to be standard across semesters of variable lengths.

Policy Criteria

  1. The 100% refund period for courses scheduled for 12 or more weeks will be the twelfth calendar day of the session.
  2. The 100% refund deadline for courses scheduled to meet in sessions of two to eleven weeks will be one calendar day for each week the course is scheduled to meet (e.g. ten days for ten week courses, five days for five week courses, etc.).
  3. The 100% refund deadline for courses scheduled to meet in sessions of less than two weeks in length will be before the first class meeting.
  4. If the refund deadline falls on a non-business day of the College, the refund deadline will be set at the next official business day.
  5. The 100% refund deadline does not apply to course section changes or to instructor approved level changes processed in a session/semester.
  6. A full refund of tuition may be administratively granted upon official withdrawal of the student for extenuating circumstances (e.g., death of the student, death of an immediate family member).

Adopted: October 14, 1997
Administrative Review: May 2002
Revised: March 27, 2007