2105 - Policy for Program Offerings in Livingston County


It is the policy of the Board of Trustees at Washtenaw Community College to offer post-secondary educational programs and services in Livingston County in partnership with local school districts or other agencies.

The significant outcomes of this policy will be: (1) the provision of community college services to the Livingston County residents with a focus on the Brighton, Hartland, and Pinckney areas, (2) the building of relationships with the school districts, businesses, and agencies in the Brighton, Hartland, and Pinckney areas, (3) the building of county-wide collegiate services in cooperation with Cleary College, Lansing Community College, and the Livingston County school districts, (4) the attraction of students from Livingston County to continue their education on the WCC main campus, (5) keeping WCC in a competitive situation with regard to community college services to Livingston County citizens in comparison to other colleges, and (6) financing of direct services in Livingston County on a pay-as-you-go basis so that there is no cost to the taxpayers of Washtenaw County.

The Livingston County program is guided by these principles:

  • WCC charges Livingston County students out-of-district tuition and fees as determined by the WCC Board of Trustees.
  • The school districts provide appropriate classroom facilities and equipment for WCC programs and activities.
  • The school districts participate, wherever feasible, with WCC in planning strategic and programmatic directions.
  • WCC reimburses school districts for the use of facilities and other services.
  • The College administration negotiates details of agreement with officials of each school district on a periodic basis. Each agreement is approved and signed by the President or his/her designee.
  • The College administration may enter into agreements with other agencies in Livingston County within the mission of Washtenaw Community College.

The WCC administration will assess the progress of the college's activities in Livingston County from time to time and will report significant changes to the Board of Trustees.

Adopted: May 28, 1996
Administrative Review: May 2002