2120 - Policy on Articulation

Policy Statement

Washtenaw Community College will promote student success by ensuring that students do not repeat or duplicate the learning experiences they bring to the College or the coursework that is completed here.

The College will develop articulation agreements that formally document the alignment of curricula between WCC and secondary schools, other community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, and business and industry training programs. The College is committed to maintaining, expanding, and improving existing agreements with a special emphasis on program-to-program articulation that reflects a continuous curriculum that flows smoothly across the public schools, the College, business and industry and senior colleges and universities.

Policy Criteria

  1. The College will grant credit to students who have completed high school curricula that are specified within a formal articulation agreement approved by the College.
  2. The College will grant credit for courses from another accredited post secondary institution if those courses have been evaluated as being college level and appropriate to their WCC program of study.
  3. The College will grant credit to students who have completed a business and industry training program that is part of a formal articulation agreement approved by the College.
  4. The College will seek to develop 2+2 post-secondary program articulation agreements that maximize the number of associate degree program credits that transfer toward a Bachelor's degree.
  5. Credit for articulation will be evaluated and posted on the student's transcript only after student has complete one or more credits at WCC. After the credit has been posted, it may be used to meet graduation requirements.


Through formal agreements with other institutions, the College will minimize, if not eliminate the unnecessary repetition of coursework.

Adopted: July 22, 1997
Administrative Review: May 2002