3020 - Club Sports Policy



Extracurricular and co-curricular activities should be part of a holistic educational environment. Many studies show that participation in extra and co-curricular activities improves persistence in course work, teaches time management skills and motivates students to achieve in their classes. The purpose of the Washtenaw Community College club sports is to provide learning activities for students that support the concept of a sound body as well as a sound mind and effectively bring students together in a way that helps to develop important lasting friendships and memories of WCC. To this end, club sports should be administered to provide men and women access to healthy athletic opportunities for all WCC students. Club sports are learning experiences and add to the educational experience. Learning, rather than winning, is the guiding principle.

Club sports are established to invite participation from all WCC students regardless of age or physical ability. The program will continuously be adjusted to reflect the changing interests of the student body and maximize student involvement.


The goals are:

  1. To achieve participation opportunities reflecting the demographics of our student body, including the designation of major and minor sports.
  2. To foster a sense of pride and school spirit in WCC's dynamic, diverse student body and campus community.
  3. To add an athletic option to the student development and student activity program.
  4. To provide additional visibility within the community to prospective students.

In meeting these goals, WCC club sports will strive to develop activities that will enhance retention and increase WCC's attractiveness as an institution.


Club Sports shall be structured as part of the student development and student activities program within Student Services. An advisory committee composed of students, faculty and administrators will be established to plan and monitor the club sports activities assuring responsiveness to all sectors of the student profile.


The basic funding for club sports will come from the College's annual operating budget. However, if the demand for club sports exceeds budget allocations, or if clubs choose to be involved in activities beyond the base schedules, alternative sources of funding may be sought.

Adopted: September 27, 1999
Administrative Review: May 2002