4055 - Policy on New Student Assessment and Individualized Program Planning


WHEREAS WCC is committed to both open access and academic excellence, and to providing the best match of student abilities and institutional offerings, and

WHEREAS WCC believes in the importance of having all its students demonstrate proficiencies in reading, writing, and mathematics to meet their educational and career goals, and

WHEREAS WCC endorses a student success approach to education through an orientation, assessment and student progress system.

THEREFORE be it resolved that:

  1. All entry students starting college for the first time and taking credit bearing courses will receive as part of the orientation process a basic skills assessment that normally would include, but not limited to, a testing component.
  2. Student groups exempt from the testing requirement would include:
  3. Students who have previously earned college degrees, or those who have earned a substantial number (15+) of college credits with a GPA of 2.0 ("C" average).
  4. Students only taking enrichment courses, or other courses not requiring a substantial level of basic skills proficiency, for example, some dance, art, or welding courses.
  5. Students who provide official documentation of completion of a bachelor or graduate degree from an approved international English-speaking college or university.
  6. Students who are Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Visteon or other approved apprentice.
  7. Students who submit a valid guest application from their home institution indicating that they are in good standing.
  8. Handicapped or learning disabled students, with a documented disability, who do not have the capacity to undertake a traditional test format will be given reasonable accommodations, according to ADA guidelines, to ensure that the maximum opportunity for success is provided.
  9. All WCC students with a GPA of less than 2.00 (2.0 = "C" average) and seeking to register for college credit courses must have their course selections endorsed by one of the college employees assigned to this responsibility.
  10. All students will be counseled into developmental reading, writing, and/or mathematics courses as needed to meet the required course or program prerequisite skills in those areas in which the student plans to study. These placements standards will be established in consultation with faculty in the given academic areas.
  11. The college will establish and maintain a minimum basic literacy standard that all students must meet prior to registering for graduation applicable credits. Students below this standard will be required to take prescribed basic literacy skills courses, although this requirement would not preclude such students from concurrently taking other courses suitable to their literacy skill levels. The emphasis will be on individual students - college staff interaction as these decisions are made.
  12. Exceptions to required enrollment in basic literacy skill courses will be determined in consultation with faculty in each instructional area. However the intent of this policy is to minimize these exceptions.
  13. The college’s student assessment and course placement practices will be structured to provide learners with an individual program plan that matches both the student’s ability and educational goals.

Adopted: June 23, 1987
Revised: June 24, 2003

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