4060 - Policy on Student Orientation


Participation in an orientation program is required for all newly admitted students. The objectives of the program shall be:

  1. To welcome students to the College, helping them to establish sense of belonging, and a feeling that the College is concerned with their individual educational needs;
  2. To help new students identify and register for a course schedule which is consistent with their interests, abilities, and goals;
  3. To provide new students with the information they need as they begin their education at the College;
  4. To help new students become aware of the resources available through the College and how to seek these resources to meet their individual needs;
  5. To provide an environment which allows new students to ask questions regarding their career development process;
  6. To enable new students to learn about their reading, writing, and mathematics skills;
  7. To inform students of their responsibility to maintain the study and attendance patterns necessary to achieve academic success.

In implementing this policy the administration may exempt certain new students from orientation based on an assessment of the need for the service.

Adopted: July 26, 1983
Administrative Review: May 2002

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