4067 - Student Eligibility for Extra - and Co-Curricular Activities Policy


All students are eligible to participate in extra and co-curricular activities at Washtenaw Community College, if they meet the following conditions:

  1. The student is currently enrolled in a credit class. Being enrolled in the previous Winter Term, or registered for the upcoming Fall Term also provides eligibility for Spring/Summer Term club activities.
  2. After participating one semester, it is necessary to maintain a 2.0 grade point average for further eligibility. If a student's grade point is lower, the club advisor will recommend remedial action to the student; such as tutoring or time management. Only if the student's grade point average is below 2.0 for the subsequent semester will the student be considered ineligible until the overall grade point average is 2.0.
  3. The student pays any required fees and signs the liability waiver.
  4. The student is not on suspension or being disciplined by the College.
  5. The student follows all rules and regulations as set forth in the "WCC Student Rights and Responsibilities" (4095 - Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct Code).

Reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate students with disabilities who want to participate in a student club and activities.

Since these activities are designed primarily for students, staff and faculty are encouraged to support the activities by assisting the student activity advisors. However, students will "come first" in filling all available student club/activity positions/opportunities. Faculty and staff will only participate in club sports when student interest falls below the number of positions needed to field a competitive team.

Adopted: April 27, 1999
Administrative Review: May 2002

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