4090 - Student Health Insurance Policy


General Statement

The College recognizes the needs that many of its students have to secure affordable health insurance. In addition, students in the College's Nursing Program and many of its allied health programs must be covered by health insurance in order to meet clinical agency requirements. therefore, It shall be College policy to provide student health insurance information to all students, full and part-time. Health insurance shall be optional for all students, with the exception of F-1, nursing, and selected allied health program students. The nursing and allied health students will be required to show proof of health insurance prior to entering the clinical portions of their programs. All F-1 students are required to have health insurance that includes a repatriation clause. The cost of student health insurance is to be borne by each student; and where appropriate, charged to their particular student financial aid/support source.

Specific Provisions

  1. Students in nursing and selected allied health programs that require students to complete hospital-based clinical courses must have a minimum level of health insurance coverage determined by the hospitals and the College administration.
  2. All F-1 students must show proof of having health insurance (that includes repatriation coverage) before admission to the College and during each semester that they register for courses.
  3. The College will select a health insurance carrier and work with the carrier to provide all active students health coverage and cost information for student insurance.
  4. Students are responsible to work directly with the insurance carrier to make inquiry, application, and financial payment arrangements.
  5. Student Services will work with the designated health insurance carrier to make health insurance enrollment forms available to all active students.


  1. The College will assume no liability in the relationship between students and the designated student health insurance carrier.
  2. The College, separate from its student financial support programs, will assume no direct costs associated with student health insurance policies.

Adopted: July 28, 1992
Revised: May 10, 1994
Administrative Review: May 2002

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