5005 - Administrative Compensation Policy


General Purpose of Policy

Washtenaw Community College is committed to providing administrative compensation that is both equitable and competitive, and that serves to attract, motivate and reward high quality employees. The Administrative Compensation Policy provides guidelines for determining salary ranges for administrative positions and salary adjustments for administrative group members. All administrative compensation at Washtenaw Community College shall be administered in accordance with this policy. It shall be the responsibility of the Office of Human Resource Management to administer this policy within the guidelines established by the Board.

Policy Statement

All administrative positions at Washtenaw Community College shall be assigned to a salary range. These ranges will be (1) internally equitable: that is, fair when compared with the salaries and salary ranges established for other WCC jobs, as well as (2) competitive when compared with the rates paid by other employers for comparable work. Each individual administrator shall receive a salary which falls within the salary range that has been established for his/her job. These salary ranges shall be reviewed regularly for currency.

Annual salary adjustment for members of the Administrative Group shall consist of an Economic Adjustment (EA) and Midpoint Adjustment Factor (MAF), where a midpoint adjustment is appropriate. The Economic Adjustment and the Midpoint Adjustment Factor shall be adjusted by the administration such that the economic parameters established by the Board are not exceeded.

The President shall have the authority to determine the salary for each position within the economic guidelines established by the Board and subject to Board approval. These economic guidelines shall include economic adjustments, promotional increases, and midpoint adjustment factors.

Economic Adjustment (EA)

Economic adjustments for administrative group salaries are calculated on the basis of movement in the market plus cost of living factor.

Midpoint Adjustment Factor (MAF)

Administrative group members whose salaries fall below the midpoint of the range will receive a mid-point adjustment designed to move them to the midpoint of their range.

New Employee Appointment

Only those employed and working prior to July 1 of any given year will be considered for full salary advancement the subsequent July. Those hired after July 1 of any given year will be considered for a prorated salary advancement the subsequent July.

Job Reclassification and Promotional Increase

An Administrative Group employee whose job has been reclassified or who is promoted to a new position shall have his/her salary set at the new salary range minimum or at 10% above current salary, whichever is greater.

Time and one half

Those administrative unit employees who are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, shall be entitled to overtime for all hours worked over forty (40) within a work week as required by the Act.

Adopted: February 27, 1996
Under Consideration: 2002
Adopted: June 24, 2003
Adopted: June 22, 2004