5020 - Administrative Group Annual Planning and Performance Review Policy


General Purpose Of Policy

Washtenaw Community College’s management functions shall be administered on the basis of an Annual Planning and Performance Review Program (APPR). The Annual Planning and Performance Review Policy provides a basis for this program. The APPR Policy and Program will: (1) guide the development of individual performance objectives that support institutional and unit objectives, (2) guide the assessment of overall administrative performance, (3) facilitate the continuous improvement of plans and processes, (4) guide and support the development of college-wide and individual professional development plans, (5) support and encourage teamwork among Administrative Group members and with groups served by Administrative Group members, and (6) recognize outstanding administrative service and achievement through non-monetary awards and recognition. It shall be the responsibility of the Office of Human Resource Management to administer this policy within the guidelines established by the Board.

Policy Statement

The College recognizes that it is critical that there is alignment of individual, unit and institutional goals and objectives. The APPR serves to assure that the institution's plans and priorities are realized through the individual performance objectives of members of the Administrative Group. These objectives should be clearly defined, measurable and must support the mission of the College.

The College’s commitment to continuous improvement necessitates that we assess administrative and professional performance and develop our future plans based upon this assessment. Each administrator shall set realistic objectives and timelines and regularly assess progress toward reaching these goals. This policy also requires the establishment of a feedback process which encourages and supports constructive communication with team members, subordinates, supervisors and people we serve.

The College’s most important resource is the staff that carries out its mission. To maximize its capacity to provide effective service, the College must give primary consideration to the development of the staff. The APPR process supports both college-wide and individual professional development by requiring each AG member to establish and carry out specific and measurable professional development objectives.

Teamwork and cooperation among individuals, work units, and employee groups are critical to the success of the college in achieving its mission. The annual plans and objectives of members of the Administrative Group should reflect a commitment to teamwork and continuous improvement in the quality of College systems and processes.

Outstanding individual and team performance and service are important to institutional effectiveness. This policy supports the recognition of outstanding administrative service and performance through non-monetary awards and recognition.

Training for participants in the APPR process is essential for its effective implementation. All participants should receive training in the skills and competencies central to providing effective performance reviews and feedback.

Adopted: April 27, 1982
Revised: June 24, 1986
Revised: February 26, 1991
Revised: February 27, 1996
Administrative Review: May 2002