5030 - Policy on Use of the Childrens Center


Washtenaw Community College operates a Children's Center primarily for the benefit of the College students and their children. Staff of the College and others may also use the Center on a space availability basis. However, students will have priority over staff and others. Appropriate procedures will be implemented to insure student priority.

Users of the Center

  • For the purpose of this policy, a student is defined as one registered for credit classes at the College.
  • For the purpose of this policy, a staff member is defined as all persons on the College payroll but excluding those students on College work study or general fund employment.
  • A staff member may not claim student standing if they are a full time (40 hours) employee regardless of the number of credit hours they may be taking.
  • A staff member of less than 40 hours must be taking a full credit load (12 hours or more) in order to be given student status.
  • Those falling into the "other" category are permitted to use the Center if there is space available after students and then staff are given priority.

Policy Guidelines

  • Normal Center hours will be consistent with the academic calendar including day and evening hours according to demand.
  • By June 1st of each year, the Director will declare how many openings for staff will be allowed in the toddler and preschool groups. This will be based on past year statistics and current knowledge.
  • Registration for child care will be the same as actual College registration dates for each semester.
  • Acceptance of children will be on a first-come, first-served basis. A dated waiting list will be used when all slots are filled.
  • Children of staff members may be enrolled at the Center only during the employee's regular scheduled work days and hours. Any exceptions must be approved by the Director of the Children's Center.
  • Staff members shall pay an hourly rate which covers the full cost of this service. It will be the intent of the College not to subsidize the cost of this service to staff members.


  1. Students will receive priority for the slots for their children.
  2. Education possibilities for parents will be enhanced through this supportive student service enabling the parent to continue and excel in his/her education.
  3. The populations who will use the Children Center are defined.
  4. Procedures will be followed so few or no students are turned away.
  5. Staff and others will fill a low percentage of slots using information from the previous year and making adjustments according to space availability.
  6. Full time staff use of the Center will help fill early morning and late afternoon slots, thereby adding to the Center's cost effectiveness.
  7. Staff will receive a service that is convenient and a morale booster which allows them to excel and be more productive in their jobs.
  8. Practicum students in the Child Care Worker Program could remain on campus to do their hands-on experience with children. Courses such as Child Psychology, Children's Literature, Child Development and Photography also use the Children's Center to enhance their knowledge of children through first hand experience.

Adopted: December 16, 1980
Revised: December 10, 1996
Revised: October 27, 1998
Administrative Review: May 2002