5042 - Policy on Diversity in College Employment


Diversity is characterized by differences in background, outlook, beliefs, and experience. Such differences are essential to the dynamic, open, lively, challenging learning environment which is central to the College's educational mission. Beyond the requirements of professionalism, preparation, competence, and commitment to community college education, the Board mandates that all employees of the College work for and toward a more diverse College environment. The Board mandates that the College have a diverse faculty and staff that reflects the College's community and provides a rich, broad cultural and educational experience for its students.

To this end, the Board directs the Administration to take specific measures to maintain and increase the diversity of the College's employees. The Board directs the Administration to implement this policy and to report back to the Board annually during the fall term on the steps taken in areas including but not limited to the following:

  • Recruitment and hiring practices that are open and calculated to attract diverse candidates
  • Retention practices to maintain a diverse workforce (e.g. mentoring, work/life issues)
  • Staff development and promotion practices
  • Staff training in diversity issues
  • New initiatives and programs

Associated Board Policies:
#5010 - Affirmative Action Policy
#8028 - Policy on Access, Success and Equity for Diverse People

Adopted: September 25, 2001
Administrative Review: May 2002

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