5045 - Policy on Emeritus Staff


In recognition and appreciation of the efforts of the College's faculty and staff, the Board hereby establishes "Emeritus Staff Status" for those employees of the College who meet the conditions and stipulations outlined below.


The title of "Emeritus" may be granted to a member of the Faculty, Administration, or Support Staff if the staff member has served the College with distinction for fifteen (15) or more years and has retired from the College.


All candidates shall be nominated by the President and confirmed by the Board of Trustees.

Emeritus Privileges

A person granted emeritus status shall, subject to any subsequent modification or termination of this policy, be entitled to receive the following:

  • Restricted loans from Washtenaw Community College's Learning Resource Center and use of library materials on the premises.
  • Inclusion on the Link-Up mailing list.
  • Invitation to commencement and other special events of the College.
  • Inclusion in the College catalog, or other appropriate publications.
  • Eligibility to serve as part-time emeritus faculty members subject to qualification, availability of courses, and appointment by the appropriate administrator.
  • A printed resolution of the Board of Trustees' action granting emeritus status.
  • Assignment of an Internet account to include e-mail, FTP, Telnet, World Wide Web, and other emerging protocol standards.

A person granted emeritus status shall not be entitled to receive compensation or employee benefits by reason of the emeritus title. However, emeritus status shall not disqualify a person from accepting such part-time assignments as the College may from time to time require.

Adopted: February 18, 1987
Revised: June 23, 1992
Revised: November 11, 1997
Administrative Review: May 2002