5060 - Policy on Employee Recognition


It shall be the policy of the Board of Trustees to appropriately recognize employees who serve the College long and well. A program shall therefore be planned and implemented which would have the following objectives:

  1. to honor employees for extended service to the College
  2. to honor employees when they retire from College service
  3. to honor employees for College service considered to be especially meritorious by associates

The President shall appoint an Employee Recognition Program committee made up of representatives of all employee groups. This committee shall be charged with the responsibility of planning the specific elements of an Employee Recognition Program. An annual Employee Recognition Dinner will be held at which time the Board of Trustees will have the opportunity to present awards to employees.

Awards shall be presented to employees when they have served the College for 10 years, and at the time of retirement. The creation of other awards shall be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Adopted: April 24, 1979
Under Consideration: 2002