5070 - Part-Time Faculty


Recruitment, Appointment, Assignment, Evaluation


Part-time faculty members shall be recruited and appointed on the basis of qualifications and individual ability without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, age, religion, height, weight, marital status or handicap; except where sex, age, or handicap is a bonafide occupational qualification.


All persons considered qualified and available for part-time faculty assignments shall have their credentials on file in the Office of Human Resource Management.

No assignment shall begin before the individual's credentials are on file in the Office of Human Resource Management.

Once an assignment is confirmed by the department chair and appropriate administrator, it shall be the responsibility of the part time faculty member to complete all required personnel and payroll documents in these respective offices.

All part-time faculty first time appointees shall be recommended to the Board of Trustees, along with their credentials and assignment, as a request for approval.

Job descriptions for all part-time faculty positions shall be on file in the Office of Human Resource Management.

Hiring Standards

The Vice President of Instruction, with input from the Dean and department, is responsible for developing and maintaining minimum qualifications by classification. It is expected that all part-time faculty will possess the minimum qualifications, as determined by the Vice President of Instruction, for their assignment.

Evaluation of Performance

  1. Evaluation of performance shall be for the purpose of the improvement of instruction or other assigned duties and/or the retention of the part-time faculty member.
  2. All part-time faculty members shall be evaluated at the conclusion of their first, second, and third semester assignment and annually thereafter as deemed appropriate.
  3. Procedures for the evaluation process shall be determined and implemented by the Vice President of Instruction.


Should an emergency prevent a part-time faculty member from meeting his/her assignment their pay will be reduced for the number of hours absent from the assignment. Part-time faculty shall immediately notify the dean or appropriate administrator of the absence. It is the responsibility of the dean or responsible administrator to determine whether to cancel a class or provide a substitute.

Emergency School Closing

In the event of an emergency which necessitates a school closing or delayed opening part-time faculty members shall not suffer any loss of compensation if they were scheduled and prepared to work. It is expected that part-time teaching faculty shall insure all course work is covered during the semester or session.


All part-time faculty members are afforded those benefits required by law, i.e. Social Security/FICA, Workers Compensation, and Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System.

The Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS), a pension plan, is mandated by State law. Required employee contributory amounts are as follows:

  • 3.0% of the first $5,000 earned
  • 3.6% of $5,001 through $15,000 earned
  • 4.3% of all wages of $15,001 and above

The contribution rates on dollar amounts are computed on a fiscal year (July - June) base. Year end earning statements will indicate the part-time faculty member is covered by a pension plan which may affect IRA contribution eligibility.

Tuition Grant

Tuition grants are available to eligible part-time faculty members who elect to enroll in any Washtenaw Community College course for which they qualify. Tuition grants are available during the semester/session in which the part-time faculty member is actively employed and limited to three (3) credit hours in any one semester/session. The Human Resource Management Office shall provide authorization to eligible part-time faculty members for registration of classes.

A course must be taken to full term; if a course is not completed in full the employee shall reimburse the College for tuition and any other sums granted on his/her behalf.

* Eligibility: The part-time faculty member shall have provided service over a period of four (4) semesters (60 weeks).

Salary Deferral Plans

Part-time faculty are allowed to participate in tax sheltered annuity plans which the College offers provided they are (1) not making 401(R) or 457 plan deferrals; and (2) will not exceed the limit specified by the IRS through election in any one or combination of plans.

Part-time Teaching Faculty - Load/Duty Hours

Maximum hours an instructor may teach per week is eight (8), whether the assignment is in one area or a combination of areas. Some exceptions to the weekly maximum may apply if assignment is through contract training, please check with the Office of Human Resource Management to ensure compliance with College policy in such instances.

It is expected that part-time instructors will, in addition to instruction, be accountable for preparation hours for each course taught, schedule and post hours for student consultation, and participate in appropriate College sponsored professional development activities.

Adopted: July 23, 1991
Under Consideration: 2002
Revised: June 24, 2003