5087 - Policy on Staff Success


Policy Statement

Washtenaw Community College is dedicated to student, community, and staff success. Staff learning, success, and satisfaction provide the foundation for meeting the educational needs of students and community. As an organization, our strength depends on our ability to assimilate and use new knowledge to respond to the changing needs of both students and community. Staff learning expands WCC's capacity to innovate, to solve problems, and to build our preferred future.

In order to achieve staff learning, success, and satisfaction, this policy calls for creating and maintaining a diverse, caring, and fair college culture requiring participation and accountability at all levels. Continual learning, innovation, and empowerment are the necessary characteristics required to achieve student, community, and staff success.

Policy Criteria

This policy provides that:

  • College policies, management practices, and procedures are fair, respectful, caring, and foster diversity and teamwork.
  • College recognition and reward systems encourage teamwork, accountability, and innovation so that the daily contributions of all staff members will promote student, staff, and community satisfaction and success.
  • Personal and professional growth is recognized and supported by all levels of the institution; thereby encouraging continuous learning and professional development for every staff member.


  • that College policies reflect the staff success criteria
  • that College practices and procedures support staff learning, success and satisfaction
  • that progress is evident toward staff learning, success, and satisfaction.

Adopted: December 10, 1996
Administrative Review: May 2002