6037 - Facilities Rental Fee Policy

General Policy Statement

To establish fees for rental of College facilities to external groups.

Policy Guidelines

  1. External groups using Washtenaw Community College facilities will be charged rental fees.
  2. The President or his/her designee may adjust rental fees and make exceptions to the charging of fees.
  3. Non-payment of fees will result in the cancellation of reservations.
  4. The President or his/her designees will establish fees based upon the following factors:
  5. cost of operating and maintaining facilities
  6. market competitiveness
  7. relationship to the College mission
  8. Facilities will be scheduled for official College activities and functions at no cost to individual departments or officially recognized WCC student groups.


A fair and equitable fee structure which allows the College to meet its direct expenses for rented spaces and the flexibility to be able to serve a variety of organizations as needed.

Related Policies

  1. Community use of College facilities
  2. Conduct and compliance
  3. Use of alcoholic beverages
  4. Indoor firearms range policies

Adopted: June 26, 1990
Revised: October 28, 1997
Administrative Review: May 2002


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