6040 - Utilization Priority of the Indoor Firearms Range



To provide a utilization priority that College staff, faculty can utilize when scheduling a college program and outside groups can employ when applying for the use of the Firearms Range.

Related Policies
Firearms Range Safety Policy (6041)
Firearms Range User Fee Policy (6042)


  1. The rank order for use of the range is as follows:
  • Students enrolled in credit classes in the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Certification programs
  • Students in Criminal Justice in-service classes
  • Students in credit classes in other academic programs
  • Persons in Handgun Safety classes (non-credit) sponsored by Washtenaw Community College
  • Authorized employees of law enforcement agencies when these agencies arrange for usage
  • Private citizen groups that meet user guidelines for the Indoor Firearms Range.
  • All outside agencies will be charged for the use of the range under the Firearms Range User Fee Policy.
  • All of the above mentioned entities must request use of the range through Public Service Training and meet the guidelines set forth in the appropriate policy and procedure.
  • Adopted : June 12, 1990
    Administrative Review: May 2002