8016 - Campus Safety Policy


Policy Statement

Washtenaw Community College intends to provide a safe place to work and conduct the business of the College for all employees, students, and visitors to campus. The intent of this policy is to prevent accidents, injuries, and improper performances of duties. The use of violence or threat of violence against a person or persons on any Washtenaw Community College campus is prohibited. Any conduct by an employee, student, or visitor that directly articulates or implies violent conduct is prohibited. Threats made as jokes, jest, or pranks are considered real threats. Violence or threats of violence can cause real injury to others. This conduct can create an unhealthy work atmosphere, hurts the reputation of the College and its members and interferes with the mission of the College. An employee or student who is victimized by violence or threat of violence at a Washtenaw Community College facility must report the incident.

Definitions of Violence and Threat

  1. Violence is physical force exerted for the purpose of injuring, intimidating, damaging, inflicting fear, or abusing another person or property or act(s) committed in reckless disregard of person(s) or property(ies). Violence shall also include the use of weapons or objects in a manner which can result in injury or death.
  2. Threat is any physical or verbal expression of an individual's present or future intent to inflict pain, injury, or damage on person(s) or property(ies) or to cause intimidation, helplessness, or fear in another person regardless of an individual's ability to carry out the threat and includes any present or future expression of intent to engage in violence as defined above.

Policy Elements

  1. Any act of violence or threat of violence at any Washtenaw Community College facility by an employee or student will result in disciplinary action.
  2. Acts committed by visitors will result in criminal prosecution when appropriate. If an incident occurs, the College may in its discretion inspect any locker, work area, package, purse, bag, container, tool box, vehicle, desk, or any space in connection with the investigation and prevention of workplace violence.
  3. An employee who is convicted of a criminal weapons statute, criminal drug statute, or any statute amounting to a felony must notify the College.
  4. A determination will be made as to the appropriate office which will take responsibility for action based on whether an employee or student is involved. A report will be made and action taken to provide support for the victim and to eliminate the violence or threat.
  5. Washtenaw Community College will devote the necessary resources to ensure that this policy is followed. The enforcement of this policy will work in conjunction with all other College policies and the Campus Security Act and Student Right to Know Act.

Adopted: November 28, 1995
Administrative Review: May 2002