8029 - Policy on the Display of Flags and Banners



It is the objective of this policy to recognize state and national observances and the diverse student and staff organizations within the College.

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Flag - Cloth of distinctive size used as a symbol, standard, signal or emblem.
Banner - Cloth bearing a motto, message, or legend.

Policy Guidelines

  1. The College will permit the display of flags and banners on campus under the following conditions:
  2. External flagpoles will be used to display the flag of the United States and/or the flag of the State of Michigan only.
  3. Flags and banners may be displayed in designated locations within the College buildings in conjunction with:
  • State or nationally recognized holidays or observances
  • College sponsored commemorations or events
  • Additionally, flags and banners of College-recognized student organizations may be displayed in the Student Center Building in the area designated for student organization displays.
  • Flags and banners may be displayed internally during meetings of a group in their meeting place.
  • Flags and banners may be displayed in conjunction with instructional or instructional support activities which occur in college teaching and learning environments (e.g. classrooms, Learning Resource Center, Artist's Gallery Dining Room).
  • Flags and banners must conform to approved dimensions for the specific physical setting and may be displayed for no longer than seven days. They must also conform to health and safety regulations. All flags and banners must be posted by the Office of Plant Operations.
  • Scheduling of display of flags or banners in designated locations and requests for extensions will be approved by the Office of College Advancement in consultation with the designated dean or building manager. Scheduling of the display of flags or banners in the area designated for student organizations is the responsibility of the Dean of Students.
  • Adopted: November 13, 1990
    Administrative Review: May 2002

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